Beating the Summer Doldrums

Beating the Summer Doldrums

We’re in those beautiful weather days. Baseball. Festivals. Lazy afternoons. It feels like everyone spends the week waiting for Friday night…maybe you’re a little burnt out on your art. Maybe the creative juices are feeling the call of a little fun. After all, you have to live to be able to connect with your audience, right?

These can be dangerous days for your wallet. Time to tighten the belt.

It’s during times like these…the deepest part of summer, that   Continue reading this post >

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I Do! I Like Them, Sam-I-Am!

I was busy with my semi-annual deep clean of my children’s rooms the other day and came across an old Dr. Seuss favorite: Green Eggs & Ham. Although I think you all know the story, I’ll give you the quick executive summary:

Grumpy furry guy says he doesn’t like green eggs and ham.

Sam asks him to try them before passing judgment.

Grumpy furry guy decides to try them.

He falls in love with green eggs and ham.

The end.


In my experience, most people seem   Continue reading this post >

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3 Steps To Avoid Financial Nightmares

Ah, October. I love campy Halloween movies and haunted houses. To kick off the season, we watched the Ghost Hunter television show last week. You know the one. A team of investigators spend the night at a house where unexplained phenomena has occurred. They spend the episode trying to debunk the owner’s claims of paranormal activity. Sometimes these shows are frightening.

In this episode, both a baby carriage and a door moved on their own. Unexplained running sounds crossed the floor.   Continue reading this post >

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Become the Lead Role in Your Life Story

Grab a piece of paper. Right now, stop reading for a moment and find paper and a pen. Let’s practice an old actor’s trick. For a moment, lose your identity. In your mind, pretend you’re a director shining the camera squarely at the real “you”. If it helps, think of this as reality television, although I prefer an epic drama. Answer this question about this main character, “you”, from the outside:  what has she done well until this part of   Continue reading this post >

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Someone to Help You Save


When it comes to saving, many suffer from a disease I call “assoonas syndrome.” They plan to start saving. As soon as the car is fixed. As soon as they receive a raise at the part-time side job. As soon as they get a speaking part. The rash of “as soon as” spreads on and on, and is difficult to cure.

The only way to cure assoonas syndrome is to start saving now. I know you’ve heard this before, especially if   Continue reading this post >

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Help with Financial Overwhelm

I certainly didn’t grow up knowing I would become a financial coach and mentor for creative souls. But more than 10 years ago it was a money coach who taught me how to change and recover from financial behaviors that were leading me nowhere fast. The power of this truly life changing experience – led me to start asking what I could do to help other artists, like myself, who perhaps were floundering financially. And thus Abundance Bound was born!

This   Continue reading this post >

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The Balancing Act: Tools to Manage Your Money

A friend recently asked me to review her spending habits. We’ll call her Linda for this piece, although that’s not her real name. Like many artists, Linda struggles with a budget because she’s constantly on the go. Between workshops, auditions and performances her life is chock-full of lightening quick money decisions. Spend more on parking to get closer to the theater? Grab lunch on-the-go to network with other artists? Hire better stylists to look her best for the next audition?   Continue reading this post >

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Belated Spring Cleaning

It’s time for the big reveal: I’m not a fan of spring cleaning.

Once I’ve finally dug in and begun the process, I enjoy organizing shelf space and rearranging household supplies so they’re easier to find. When it’s over, I’m always glad it’s done, and I love that when I want something, it’s right at my fingertips. Yet, if you asked me what my least favorite five tasks around the house would be, cleaning closets and organizing the garage would be   Continue reading this post >

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Enjoy the Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve made it through Black Friday and the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, hopefully with your pocketbook intact. I hope that you had a warm, fun time with friends or relatives. As we wheel into a fantastic stretch of holidays on the calendar, I know there’s little I enjoy more than renewing old acquaintances, enjoying new friendships and watching the pageantry of the season.  It can truly be, to quote the classic holiday song, the “greatest time of year.”

This stretch can also   Continue reading this post >

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