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A Birthday Sale!

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” -Emily Dickinson

It’s my birthday! And it’s not just ANY birthday…today I’m actually turning 40 YEARS OLD! Isn’t that crazy?

I remember when I was a teenager, 40 seemed practically ancient. Now, the funny thing is that I still keep waiting for that magic day when I’ll feel like a “real” grownup.

Of course I realize there’s a school of thought that says that especially as an actor I should be keeping my age a secret. But the thing is – I’m proud of what I’ve created in these first 40 years AND ridiculously excited about all that I’ve still got to do. Every year has really mattered…Do you know what I mean? The good, the bad, the failures, the successes…All have been such valuable lessons. How could I want to erase any of them?

When I look back at all the many things I’m grateful for, a big one is the fact that about 15 years ago I reached a breaking point that led to a commitment to my own financial growth and education. It was a decision that completely changed my life. But, what I also remember quite well is that in those early days, weeks and months – the prospect of working on the whole “money situation” felt terribly scary and completely overwhelming.

So today I wanted to make a special offer to anyone who might be at their own financial breaking point. Perhaps you’ve known for some time that you want and need to take control of your money but have felt the same fear I’ve described at the prospect of getting started.

If this resonates, please take a few minutes and check out Artist’s Prosperity 101 – a program I created to share the exact process I followed when taking those first steps toward financial stability. Until Monday night, use the code 40CANDLES and you can pick up your own copy for just $40. (Almost 50% off of the usual price of $75.)

Many of us have big dreams we’re working towards – dreams that are best supported by a strong financial foundation. I promise you that however old you are – today can be the day you decide to create that foundation for yourself.

Wish me luck blowing out ALL those candles!

Did We Strike a Nerve?


Bryan and I have simply been blown away by the response to last week’s “Living in Possibility” call! Hundreds of you joined us for a conversation about living life powerfully as artists who CHOOSE to create the success you desire (and deserve) in every area of your lives. We suspected there would be a few motivated artists who might dive into the material, but we just weren’t prepared for the number of calls and emails we’ve received, sharing your questions, experiences and victories–we’ve never seen the group this fired up before! It seems we really struck a nerve!

Or are you all even more dynamic than we realized?!

The immediate question is: With all of this momentum and new insight, what are you going to do next to stay in the zone of your potential? How will you apply this work practically day to day? How will you best capitalize on these discoveries and treat yourself to the good to come–right now? (more…)

Daily ProsperiTIP

Develop specific, measurable, reachable and challenging goals that will excite, inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Study after study has proven that people who write down their goals reach them significantly more consistently than those who do not. Write them down, read them, carry them with you. What this does is keep you in a constant state of almost unconsciously looking for ways to bring that goal into reality. Know what is driving you! For most of us it’s not just about money. It’s about what you intend to do with it. What will more money allow in your life? What will it allow you to do for others? Who will you help? What “legacy” would you like to leave behind?

For more specific work on goal setting, financial and otherwise, take a look at the Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System. Then make the commitment to yourself that you will always have written down lists of goals that you are striving towards. It keeps you on purpose and it’s what keeps life exciting!

Daily ProsperiTIP

Surround yourself with people who have also made the commitment to create financial prosperity.

We all recognize the people in our lives that are busy – they’re creating – they have goals and dreams and they are actively going for them. Then we also have some peeps who just seem to be hanging around…:) Focus on building community with individuals who are up to something. Recruit and cherish talented people so that together you can support your dreams. Doing this will positively affect every aspect of your life and career!

Want some help creating a network of powerful, financially motivated artists? Check out the next Artist’s Prosperity Boot Camp. The energy and results created in these groups will seriously blow your mind!

The Magic of Thinking Small?

So there’s a crazy blog title right? I’ve always been a champion of thinking BIG! My clients will tell you about the many books, articles and quotes I pass on to them on the topic of never, ever limiting our dreams.

On Saturday I attended a seminar on investing. It was a fabulous day. The instructor shared great information and did it in a way that made sense to someone like me who tends to go a bit cross-eyed when I try to follow the stock market. But early on in the class, he was talking us through a simple investment strategy, and explained a process we could follow to earn $100 over the course of a month. He looked around the room and obviously sensed the energy of the participants (me included) that was essentially – “Yeah, okay…$100…when are you going to get to the real stuff?”

He smiled a bit and then cautioned us to pay attention to our mindset and the ways in which, without even realizing it, many of us are guilty of consistently dismissing money. At that moment, we were all pretty much broadcasting loud and clear to the universe: “I’m not impressed. Don’t bother. Call when you’ve got something good for me.”

And then he said something almost ridiculously simple and incredibly powerful:


I’ve been thinking about that statement constantly for the last couple of days. How often do you catch yourself saying things like:

  • “Geez. A residual check for $1.04. It’s not even worth a trip to the bank.”
  • “I can ONLY save $25 a month right now. What’s the point?”
  • “Yes their gas prices are a few cents cheaper, but I’d have to make a U-turn.”

When we consistently blow off opportunities to take the “small” steps to building our wealth – what makes us think we’ll be given bigger opportunities? Spending mindfully, saving consistently, welcoming money of any size into our lives – all of these habits make us long term winners.

It’s funny because the first module of The Artist’s Prosperity Home Study System is Change Your Financial Mindset and How You Talk About Money. And what I say throughout this lesson is that our work in this area is never “done.” It’s not like you can check a box and you’ll never have another negative thought about money. But it’s so important to do the work and to keep coming back to it. Sure, there are other “more glamorous” topics like debt elimination, increasing your income and investing. But it all begins with the foundation of a strong and powerful state of mind about money.

Well this weekend created consciousness for me around an area that I want to really pay attention, and I thought I would take a few moments to also share that with you. It’s wonderful for all of us to continue to strive for everything we desire. We just want to remember to give gratitude and thanks for all the small steps we can take along the way.

Let’s Talk About Mindset!

I had a session today with one of my clients. Her acting career is starting to take off which is so exciting. Moneywise she is also in really good shape. Since we started our work together she’s gotten much more organized, paid off lots of debt and is starting to focus on saving and investing.

Great right?

The problem is that in spite of all of the wonderful things happening in her life, this client really struggles with feelings of unworthiness. She has a mindset that expects happiness to be quickly chased away by disaster waiting right around the next corner.

It’s so important for this client to put the same discipline she has brought to other areas of her life, to the process of reprogramming these limiting thoughts, which she admits she has carried for as long as she can remember. What is true for all of us is that it doesn’t matter how earnestly we wish to be successful. If what we feel in our core is that we are unworthy, our subconscious mind will affect our good intentions and sabotage our actions.

This is why Step 1 of The Artist’s Prosperity System is: Change your financial mindset and how you talk about money. The way we think and feel about our money is directly connected to our level of financial prosperity. You can learn and implement the practical actions that will shift and improve your financial situation. BUT – in order to transform your relationship with money permanently – you must consistently work to break any existing cycles of negativity. The result is an experience of more flexibility, ease and increased energy being put towards everything you truly wish to accomplish.

I hope you’ll join me on July 21st for The Power of Prosperity – a completely FREE teleseminar/webcast – during which you’ll learn all 9 steps of The Artist’s Prosperity System. Together, we’ll explore actual tools you can put into practice immediately to begin to conquer any fears that are currently a barrier to your success!

Register here and I look forward to “seeing” you on the call!

Is Your Career Worth It?

Here’s some goods that — I think — I’ve come to know:

If you cultivate the talent within you, commit to working hard, and are able to create and then execute a specific plan with persistence, drive and determination — we can and will ultimately have success doing what we love! It’s been true for countless artists before us. And it’ll be true for thousands more, hopefully including you.


But now the bad news. I have absolutely no way to predict whether that success will arrive in 6 months, 6 years or 16 years!


So, pause for a moment and consider: What if it does happen to take 16 years?

Will you still be here?


What is your Financial Starting Point?

This week we are going to begin examining the second step of the Artist’s Prosperity System: Clear your financial clutter and get it organized for good! There are several elements involved in truly getting financially organized. It can be easy to feel a sense of overwhelm which keeps us from moving forward. Over the next few newsletters our goal is to guide you through each element—so just hang in there, go one step at a time and don’t stop!

Perhaps you are someone who has spent the time putting together a budget: you may even feel you try hard to work within that budget. Then why do you still have so little money every month? You should have some left over yet, when it is time for your next paycheck, you are counting the hours until you receive it so that you can go buy groceries. If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone.

So, how does this happen? Well, there are a few reasons.