Abundance Bound Affiliate Program

Money for just-about-nothing.

Our Affiliate Program rewards you for doing what you'd do naturally.
Namely, connecting our team with the passionate, creative artists that truly need our services. By spreading the movement of financial prosperity you receive bucks right in your own pockets, too, over and over again.

It's just you being you. Share something you believe in with those
you respect. Deliver the message of Abundance Bound to
friends, family or colleagues and everyone benefits.

At Abundance Bound, we think win-wins are pretty okay.
Support the effort! Join today.

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Miata shares what an Affiliate Partnership can mean
for you and the Abundance Bound movement.

Earn extra money by sharing Abundance Bound with friends, clients and colleagues!

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Why an Affiliate Program?

Almost every week, someone tells me, "I've referred so many people to your website." In fact, the majority of our business comes from the referrals of satisfied clients and subscribers.

But wouldn't it be nice to be rewarded for making referrals? What if you shared something you were enthusiastic about and a certain percentage of those people checked it out and ultimately purchased it, and you got rewarded financially for something you'd do anyway?


Our Affiliate Program rewards you for sharing

Some of the many benefits of being an Abundance Bound Affiliate


A whole new
stream of income

For many, affiliate commission are like "found money."

A big return
for your efforts

You don't have to develop ideas for seminars or products.

No back-end stuff
to deal with

Ordering, fulfillment and customer service are all handled by Abundance Bound.

Very easy
to set up and get paid

Once you're in the affiliate system everything is handled automatically.


Some details on the Affiliate Program:

  • High quality seminars and programs.
  • Members receive 10% to 25% commission on sales.
  • Payments go out the 15th of each month.
  • Payments by PayPal—even internationally!
  • Our E-zine provides your referrals with free quality information that keeps them engaged until they decide to make a purchase.

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Thanks for your interest in the Affiliate Program

To your prosperity,

Miata Edoga & The Abundance Bound Creative Team

P.S. Don't put this off. There's no downside. You may find yourself speaking to an artist tomorrow who needs financial guidance and support. If you're an affiliate, you can just zip off an email to him or her and perhaps make a few dollars before you know it!