A Birthday Sale!

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” -Emily Dickinson

It’s my birthday! And it’s not just ANY birthday…today I’m actually turning 40 YEARS OLD! Isn’t that crazy?

I remember when I was a teenager, 40 seemed practically ancient. Now, the funny thing is that I still keep waiting for that magic day when I’ll feel like a “real” grownup.

Of course I realize there’s a school of thought that says that especially as an actor I should be keeping my age a secret. But the thing is – I’m proud of what I’ve created in these first 40 years AND ridiculously excited about all that I’ve still got to do. Every year has really mattered…Do you know what I mean? The good, the bad, the failures, the successes…All have been such valuable lessons. How could I want to erase any of them?

When I look back at all the many things I’m grateful for, a big one is the fact that about 15 years ago I reached a breaking point that led to a commitment to my own financial growth and education. It was a decision that completely changed my life. But, what I also remember quite well is that in those early days, weeks and months – the prospect of working on the whole “money situation” felt terribly scary and completely overwhelming.

So today I wanted to make a special offer to anyone who might be at their own financial breaking point. Perhaps you’ve known for some time that you want and need to take control of your money but have felt the same fear I’ve described at the prospect of getting started.

If this resonates, please take a few minutes and check out Artist’s Prosperity 101 – a program I created to share the exact process I followed when taking those first steps toward financial stability. Until Monday night, use the code 40CANDLES and you can pick up your own copy for just $40. (Almost 50% off of the usual price of $75.)

Many of us have big dreams we’re working towards – dreams that are best supported by a strong financial foundation. I promise you that however old you are – today can be the day you decide to create that foundation for yourself.

Wish me luck blowing out ALL those candles!